Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Go Aboard the Liberty Ship John W Brown All This Week!

Starting today, September 24th, until this Sunday, September 28th from 10AM to 5PM, you can climb aboard the Liberty Ship SS John W. Brown at the Weber Street Pier (Next to Little Havanas in South Baltimore).  This is your chance to board one of only 2 Liberty ships still afloat today (and the only one on the entire East coast).  If you're unfamiliar, The US built 2,710 Liberty Ships in 18 shipyards, including Baltimore's Bethlehem Steel, for World War II.  The ships were built at break-neck speed due to the overwhelming need for them during the war.  One was even built in 4 days and 15.5 hours...

Here's the official website for the ship.  The crew of the ship request a donation of around $5 to help with the upkeep and moving of the ship, but do not require it.