Wednesday, August 29, 2012

McCormick World of Flavors is Open! (Pictures)

McCormick opened it's World of Flavors store at the Inner Harbor today and it's fantastic.  It's hard not to get that same feeling you had running into a candy store as a kid.  McCormick decided not to stop at just a store though, and made this a full spice experience.  From interactive company and Baltimore history lessons to a demonstration kitchen (where they were baking fresh cookies), there's a ton to see and do.

You can mix your own spices to your liking.  Gear up with Old Bay hats, shirts, and flip flops.  Search through the thousands of spices arranged by type of food (both the Thai and Grilling sections looked amazing).  Oh, and the best part?  The prices were about the same as you pay in the grocery store, but if you play "Guess That Spice", you could get an instant coupon for up to $25% off.  The machine will send out a short breeze of air and you have to guess from a choice of 4 which spice it could be.  What a great way to get a discount!  And now for some pictures...which just don't do it justice.